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The below is a brief overview of the advantages of thermoplastic lined tubing. For more detailed information please review our Product Data Sheets, Frequently Asked Questions, Online Presentation, or contact one of our Technical Sales team.

Our thermoplastic liners have been proven in down-hole applications in over 32,000 wells during the past 20 years.  Operators experience drastic reductions in operating cost by eliminating rod on-tubing wear and corrosion failures.  Savings can also be found with: less work-overs, prolonged tubing life, minimized lost production, reduced energy required for lifting in pumped wells, and reduced need for corrosion inhibitors.

Thermoplastic liners are extremely abrasion resistant and chemically inert, eliminating concerns associated with wireline damage, coil tubing mechanical damage, acid treatments, and chemical treatments.

Our patented products have been particularly effective in eliminating rod on tubing wear in beam pumped wells, progressive cavity pumped wells, and any well associated with deviations. Thermoplastic liners are also effective with other artificial lift methods such as plunger lift wells, submersible pumped wells, and gas lift wells. Use of our technology eliminates the need for rod guides and/or special rod boxes.

Thermoplastic liners have also been proven effective in reducing corrosion failures in injection wells, and disposal wells.

Our mechanically bonded liners allow you to recognize additional savings by promoting the use of used inspected tubing including: yellowband, blueband, and greenband. Our liner installation process also allows reusing tubing already internally coated with plastic or epoxy, without incurring the cost of having the old internal coating removed.

Polycore's thermoplastic liners can also be installed in used tubing which may previously have been scrapped due to pin thread mechanical damage or corrosion damage caused by chipped coatings. With sufficient upset remaining, the threads can be repaired and a thermoplastic liner installed.

Our unique and innovative end finishing process, in combination with a coupling internally coated in the J-area, ensures zero corrosion through the entire string of tubing while maximizing the easy of running tubing in the field. No extended couplings, stabbing guides, corrosion barrier donuts/inserts, special torque make-up requirements, or service technicians are required. Polycore lined tubing is run using a torque to minimum API specifications.




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