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CO2 and H2S Impermeable Liner – Completing development

Polycore Tubular Linings Corporation continues to develop new liner to solve downhole tubular problems. Many corrosive wells transport ACID gases such as Carbon Dioxide CO2 and Hydrogen sulfide H2S. When these gases are present in a free gas state, they will permeate plastics. This permeation can cause blistering or disbondment of the plastic from the tubing wall. For the past 5 years, Polycore’s chief chemist has been working on a liner that is not susceptible to acid gas damage. This innovative and unique product is expected to be available soon.

High Pressure Spoolable Thermoplastic Tubulars

Polycore, the established leader in thermoplastic technology for lining downhole tubulars introduces Versatube™ a high pressure thermoplastic spoolable product for oil and gas service both for surface and downhole applications.

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