Polycore Tubular Linings Corporation is a sister company to Western Falcon of the U.S. which was created to supply solutions to down hole corrosion and rod on tubing wear for the Canadian market. Our initial thermoplastic thermoplastic tubing liner technology was designed and developed by William Jackson in 1991. This tubing liner, the industry’s first, was originally used only as a corrosion barrier in water injection wells. In the mid 90’s, Marathon Oil Corporation tested the liner in a rod pump oil well, and proved that the thermoplastic liner virtually eliminated any evidence of rod wear in tubing.

Polycore™ and Enercore™ thermoplastic technology received patent protection in 1997 and 1999. Western Falcon has since developed a tubing liner protecting tubulars from aggressive sour fluids, and rod wear in over 8,000 wells, the heaviest concentration being in the Permian Basin. Companies successfully using our technology include ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Devon, just to name a few.

Western Falcon’s original technology also gained Canadian experience in the late 1990’s under a licensee agreement with Enerline, and was sold under the product name Ener-Cor. All other industry produced thermoplastic tubing liners are also copies of the original Western Falcon technology.

Since new ownership took over in August 2000, Western Falcon has evolved William Jackson’s original product into the most innovative thermoplastic liner in the world. New proprietary blends of thermoplastic, refined end finishing, and increased temperature ratings, has allowed our technology to exceed the industry’s expectations regarding ease of use, reliability, and long term performance.

The staff and management of Polycore Tubular Linings, look forward to solving your tubing rod wear and corrosion problems, and having your company be a part of Polycore Tubular Linings Corporation’s history in Canada.




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